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HAPPY 2019!!!!

Happy New Year to you all! We have been so busy this week that so much has changed with The Powell Family on the Move! We have decided to make a shift on how and what we will be discussing on our blog from now on and its a good shift for the entire family. […]

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Getting into the Stream World!!

We have decided to go into the realm of streaming. The Powell Family On The Move is making the conversion into streaming as well as beginning to maintain our blog a bit better. Things have settled down for us as we have been having an exciting with the house. We promise to make due to […]

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Merry Christmas!!!

We here at The Powell Family On The Move would love to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2019 out to be the better than last year! We love you all!!!

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Busch Gardens! Summer Family Outing!

Destination: Busch Gardens We have voyaged off to a place we have never visited before. This weekend we ventured off to Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay. As we got to the gate we were amazed with the themes here, as they were based on African Countries. Being that this is one of may huge parks out […]

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Kailee’s Graduation!!!

It has been a very busy week and a proud one at that. We are proud to say that our oldest daughter has graduated High School. After hard and trying times Kailee has proved her worth and is now on the way towards an adult life where she will be attending college and doing a […]

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Well, the month of January has ended as of today is the last day! Roll in February!!! Momma Powell’s Birthday Celebration begins. We are very happy to have this woman in our lives! Each day something special will happen to this woman until her actual birthday. She is celebrated just about every day by me […]

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