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Busch Gardens! Summer Family Outing!

Destination: Busch Gardens

We have voyaged off to a place we have never visited before. This weekend we ventured off to Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay. As we got to the gate we were amazed with the themes here, as they were based on African Countries. Being that this is one of may huge parks out her I was very impressed with what they had to offer. First off, when you do decide to visit Busch Gardens, I suggest to you to purchase two key components; a Preferred Parking Pass and the All Day Dining Pass. These things do help out as you are able park your vehicle closer to the park grounds and with the all day dining pass you can eat once every our at select dining spots and drink as much water you want through out the day (you will need it).

*Side note: If you are handicapped and need an electric scooter, order it 24 hours before heading out to the park, they are a high commodity.

Walking throughout the park was very exciting but exasperating. We saw so much as we first got into the park and decided to go ahead and fuel up. The food was outstanding and the service was very respectful. When we walked in with our vouchers, one of the clerks explained to us that we didn’t need them anymore and gave us bracelets that allowed us to just walk up to the clerk each time we were to pay and they would charge it to the All Day Dining Passes we had. This made approaching any of them an easy and quick turn around so that we could enjoy the park more than dealing with the lines that was there.

With attending Busch Gardens in the Summer you must remember one key thing, ITS HOT!!!! But don’t worry there are water rides available to cool you down. The best one I would say that was very family friendly was the Raging River Rapids. I am not a fan of rides due to one bad experience,but I will never turn this ride down whenever we visit here again. I thought the worst of it at first but due to Momma and the Kids I had no choice but to try the ride out. There are also some thrill rides out there such as the SheiKra, Montu, Cheetah Hunt, and Kumba. The family oriented rides are the Congo River Rapids and the Cobra’s Curse.

The other cool thing about this place is that it is also a safari at the same time. There is a train that will take you on an outer perimeter tour of the animal areas as there is also an interior tour where you can feed the animals. All animals from Africa; lions, hippos, rhinos, gazelles, wilder-beasts, and other birds you can think of that may be in Africa as well. We enjoyed this part of the park more than we thought we would.

At the end of the day there is an event known as Summer Nights where there is music and a fireworks show. If you want, you could even join a dance contest for a chance to win tickets to Adventure Island.

We would love to thank Waves of Honor for the opportunity they have given us to enjoy this great establish here in Tampa Bay!



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