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Camping World Bowl: OSU vs. VT (Honorary Team Captains 2017)



What a time to remember! December 28th, 2017, Camping World Stadium was a very busy place to be. Why was that you may ask? This was the day of The Camping World Bowl! It was a great honor as well because, on this day, I was an Honorary Team Captain for the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. Also with us was the Voorhees family which was the Honorary Team Captain for the Virginia Tech Hokies. We were both walked on the field Pre Game to see some of the kickers warm up and prepare. We were then taken up to the VIP area overlooking the field where there was a spread of food and an open bar for beer and wine. All taken care of & provided for us by Florida Citrus Sports!

When kick off time came about I was front and center for the National Anthem, the Coin Toss, and other key events. Ayana, Our girls and the rest of the Voorhees family were in the stands watching from above. There is a special couple that I want to thank for this Pat and Karen Connor! Without them, this would not have been possible. Great food, great times, and great memories!

Oklahoma State University defeated Virginia Tech 30-21

Looking forward to seeing the next event here at Camping World Stadium!




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