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HAPPY 2019!!!!

Happy New Year to you all! We have been so busy this week that so much has changed with The Powell Family on the Move! We have decided to make a shift on how and what we will be discussing on our blog from now on and its a good shift for the entire family. Our new added niche will be “Game Streaming”! We have noticed that we needed to take this shift due to this being what ended up doing most of our time with the children in school and having to bounce back and forth to appointments. We notice that it’s good also because the children are into gaming as well. So we are looking to hear some good reviews from them as well on what’s going on with the games that they play as well. We understand that this niche is saturated but at the same token, this is what we do. And we love it. So stay tuned for future gaming blogs and of course taking up speed on our adventures outside the wire when it comes to Central Florida! Love you guys! Peace!

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