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Light it up! – Birthday Grabs #Day5

Hey Y’all!

This is officially my first post and I’m excited to share my birthday gifts for the month of February. Everyone else in the family has birthdays either in the middle of the year or at the end before Christmas. I am all to myself at the beginning of the year, so every year (because I am doing so much for the kids) I take the whole month for myself and spoil me. This is in addition to whatever Dave decides to do. In which, ‘usually’, he tells me to just get what I want because – in his words – “I’m so damned picky.”

Yesterday, I received my package of an affordable option to buying a Ring light. If you’ve ever seen the beauty blogger videos or any YouTube Beauty guru and they have the bright lighting with the amazingly vibrant eyes….the ring light most likely is the reason.

Lighting is everything and since I am jumping into doing beauty reviews, I recognized this early on from watching all the other beauty bloggers & Makeup addicts.

Now, heads up!…This little light is not cheap @ $249.00! but the one I found on Amazon is.

At a low $25.99 with free shipping (if you have Amazon Prime), it is an affordable option vs $89 to $249+ or more.

I personally still can not wrap my head around spending that much on a light. So, in the meantime I’ll be on team Fake it till ya make it ladies & gents!

I currently have an iPhone & sprint is my service carrier. I am going to use my iPhone until I research or make a more affordable option. Imagery is important to get your point across and sell to your audience. Grainy photos will have a visual shopper like me giving you the serious side eye. Do you buy dull, unappealing products? Yeah….me neither. #ByeFelicia

So let’s get into it…

The Amazon listing is located here. The name of it is the ‘Stush Phone Tripod Gift Set’.

It was well packaged when I received it.

One of the main reasons I purchased it is to have my recordings on a steady surface and at a good height without propping the phone against something. The stand is very nice, sturdy and can be positioned a variety of ways/including a 45-degree tilt for the perfect shot and or video angle. The phone holder rotates vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape shots.


The Ring light clamps on top of your phone and over the camera. It can be used both with the forward facing and rear facing camera. You just have to place the light on the side of the phone you plan to use it with.

The button on the rear of the light has 3 settings and light intensity. Click once and it comes on to the lowest setting and click it 3 more times from the lowest setting to cycle through the light intensity levels to turn it back off.

My favorite part of this bundle is the blue tooth button. It was fairly easy to pair with my phone. You just go to your settings, enable your Bluetooth feature and look for the device in the device list. Once it is paired, then you basically place the phone on the stand, tighten the clamp, place the ring light on the phone, switch it on to the intensity you choose and have fun with your own personal photo shoot.





All of the pieces are even small enough to place it in your purse and go!

It charges via USB port. This is the only thing I do not like. David offered a solution and the electrician will be here tomorrow. This is my #Day6 gift – A USB outlet in my boudoir/closet.

Overall, In my opinion, this was a wonderful purchase and very affordable! I will update about The durability of the item(s) in a few weeks.

I Hope you enjoyed this post! Please be sure to share and leave a comment on if you would consider this as an affordable lighting option.

Later Loves! ~

**Note:: I purchased this with my own money. This post was not sponsored & I did not receive payment for this review. Opinions herein are my own & not influenced by the manufacturer/maker/seller.**








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